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How it Works:

After you have admitted to yourself that you’re in love with my work and you simply can’t live without me ;), fill our the contact form, shoot me an email, or give me a call!

Once we set your date, plan your session, discuss your hopes and dreams for your shoot, we book your deposit.

What is all this styling/prop business?  I want your shoot to be uniquely and beautifully you. I provide personalized sessions that make your heart jump for joy and awe in cuteness. Everything from newborns to families to couples. This means you don’t have to worry about cakes at cake smashes, newborn hats, blankets, and baskets, balloons, chairs/furniture, etc.

What if I have my own props? unique, personalized props are always encouraged! Have an old steamer trunk that your grandparents used? bring it! Has every baby in your family worn the same christening gown? Bring it! Are you or someone you love in the Service?  bring dog tags, military boots, firefighting gear, hats, etc. Just be sure you discuss all props you plan to bring with me in advance so I can incorporate them into your session in the best way possible!

As your date approaches, we discuss outfits and monitor the weather. Thankfully, we live in a state full of mild weather, and weather rarely cancels a shoot. Rain, high winds, and frigid cold are some of the reasons for rescheduled sessions.

Now you’re thinking, what happens if my shoot is canceled? Don’t worry! We can always reschedule for weather and family emergencies, and there is no loss of deposit.

I call approximately 24-48 hours before your shoot to confirm your date and set the final time.

What time will my session be? This is a big super important question! The word photography actually means to paint with light. Lighting makes or breaks a photo, and therefore is one of the MOST important parts of planing a session. I schedule outdoor sessions 1.5 hours before the sunset. Why? This is the PRETTIEST light, and my favorite to shoot in! It’s that golden romantic feel, and you’ll love it! If you are looking for a lifestyle shoot in your home, or in a fun location like a diner, bowling alley, aquarium, etc, or planning a newborn session, I tend to shoot mid-day (between 10am and 2pm).

SO… we can’t shoot any other time of day? Well, truthfully, we can.  Although I do highly encourage you to find an evening that works with both of our schedules, I am more than happy to shoot in the morning (8am), but location choices are a little more limited.

At your session, I photograph your family in fun, natural poses. We bond over my terrible jokes, dry sarcasm, and mumbling. After I dazzle you with my sparkling personality and mad rolling around in the dirt skills, I come home and back up your images.

Your session is over, and you’re super excited to see all of your beautiful images. Turn around time is approximately 14 days. I know how hard it is to wait for something you’re stoked about, so be sure to follow my Facebook fan page! I often post a couple of teaser photos from your session that you can share with family and friends, tag yourself in, and make your profile picture! Custom Timeline Cover photos are available at request! :)

When your images are completely, beautifully processed, I post your images for download.  Backup CD’s are available upon request, however I love the instant effect of downloads! No waiting! You get all of your full resolution downloads immediately. You can send them off for print that day, order some fabulous professional products, or upload them straight to Facebook!

Now that you have your images, I hope that you’ll share share share them! Pin them, Facebook them, show them to Grandma!

What does it mean to have a print release? Is that the same as copyright? No, its not the same as copyright. And here’s why! I retain the copyright to the images because I still own them. This means you’re not allowed to sell them for profit, enter them into contests without permission, or re-edit them in any way.  This also means that I am allowed to use the images from your session in my portfolio and to submit to magazines, blogs, etc. for features and promotional purposes.

So what am I allowed to do? You’re allowed to print! Print wherever you’d like, in whatever quantities, on whatever media, anywhere in the world. See how easy that is!
** I cannot guarantee color or crop if you do not print through me. However, I offer highly competitive prices on professional quality canvases, wall art, and albums.

What if I want to print through you? You’re more than welcome! I upload a gallery with each session that includes pricing and ordering options/directions.

Thats it! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Please be patient if I do not reply to your emails immediately or miss a call. I have a little eight year old who can’t quite make his own dinner or drive himself home from school! ;) I am typically in the office Sunday-Thursday, and mid morning is the best time to try and reach me. I do promise to reply to emails within 2-3 business days, and I will return your call within 48 hours.